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About Us

MaxLaw™ Credit Legal & Debt Relief is one of only a handful of professional companies that legally assist the more than 4 million South Africans listed with Judgments, Admin Orders, Garnishee Orders, Defaults and those Under Debt Review and in turn offer debt relief assistance. Our services set our clients free from the restrictions placed on their lives due to these listings.

Many of our clients are listed wrongfully or excessively, some deservedly. Whatever your situation, we may be able to assist. – more than assist, we will provide you with our professional service and also with the opportunity to earn income from referring us to your friends and family that deserve to be helped


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What others have to say

Thank you for being there for me until every thing is done, this thing was stressing me a lot, because every time when it is month end, its like I can run away, I was stressing too much about my debts. I will also let my other friends know that now they can please go to Maxlaw to go and get help of clearing their names on credit bureau, because they also said they want to see from me first, if ever this thing is going to work at me or not, before they put themselves in more troubles, now I hope they will come to you, I will show them proof from Maxlaw. Mildred don’t forget to give me letter that can open doors for me at the shops please because I can’t buy with cash anyway. Wait for your respond on Monday with all documents that I must sign and the income/expenditure form that you have already filled that I can know how did we work things out there.


I would like to thank you for your patience and commitment through the hard time am going through like to be under administration, judgements and defaults. But you have been always there, willing to help, spending much of your time striving for the best. Honestly you are one of the best consultants ever I have met in my entirely life. Keep up the good work. God bless you and have a bright future with Maxlaw ahead.

MB Somtyhali

I just want to first appreciate the way you service me and thus indicate the professionalism within your company. Well, is the first time to receive such special treatment from you guys and also prompt me to get people for you which they are in the same status like mine.Definitely i will do so as i see that you are offering professionalism within your company to South African people. Let me also thank you for the refund, all of these things indicates the co-operation and professionalism within your company and also defined or determined by you missions, visions etc.

My trust is in you and i also want to indicate that my creditors are harassing me others threatening to repossess me and i don’t know what to do now. The person who called me is Melanie in Norton Lambrianos Attorneys . I’m surprised because i don’t owe them too much,it was just a Nedbank credit card and they are giving me nightmares i’m telling you.I’m also requesting you to help me,one of my relative is selling me a car for only R45 000.00 and this is a mana from heaven and really i need this car because i don’t have any. I can afford the instalment,because my salary is going to be increased now in December 2011,can you imagine.Please i’m now monitored by you noway to abscond any instalment Hoping my request will get a broader understanding and thus be a priority, taken as true reflection in you company.

NF Madonsela

Thank you MaxLaw for removing me under administration, I am looking forward to start a new life of paying my creditors myself and building a responsible credit profile with the credit bureau.

Bheki Ndlovu


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