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In the financial landscape of every person, the maintenance of a credit worthy status is very important.  Being considered credit worthy by financial institutions, banks or credit agencies means that it is possible to borrow money, and people are frequently forced to borrow money to purchase homes or cars.  It also means that other credit facilities can be extended to the credit worthy person, which can sometimes be counterproductive, as it may result in the person getting deeper into debt, and eventually fail to adequately maintain payments, after which their credit worthiness is affected negatively.  Once a person has been blacklisted or has an negative credit rating it is important to make arrangements to pay off outstanding debt, and to gain ITC clearance again as soon as possible in order to enter the financial landscape again.

Often people default on credit arrangements or agreements they made at one stage in their lives when it was easy to accommodate these payments.  A change in circumstance, such as the loss of a breadwinner, being retrenched or becoming ill or disabled will more than likely reduce the capacity to earn an income, and loans are other credit arrangements may fall behind.  By the time the person realise that they are unable to pay the loan or debt off in full, it is too late and they may already be blacklisted.

It is also easy to be blacklisted by mistake!  Administrative errors do occur and can be made by creditors or the credit agencies, and you may become blacklisted through no fault of your own.  Credit agencies recommend that you do a thorough credit check on yourself once per year, and you are entitled to a free annual credit check by one of the listed credit agencies.  It is important that you check all entries and verify the details thereof, and mistaken blacklisting can affect your financial status adversely. If you have been blacklisted, it means that you will have to obtain ITC clearance, which is often a lot more difficult that it may seem.

While trying to obtain ITC clearance, it is recommended that you use a professional company or consultant to help with the process.  It is important to know how the credit agencies work, and how to go about obtaining ITC clearance from them.  Often a lot of documentation is involved which can be extremely cumbersome and frustrating to get hold of.  A professional consultant from MaxLaw can handle all of this effortlessly for you instead!  Choose us to obtain fast, accurate ITC clearance for you, and we will restore your credit worthiness in a jiffy!

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Clear Your Name through MaxLaw

Bad Credit Rating or Blacklisting?  Trust The Professionals to Clear Your Name!

Did you manage to get a bad credit rating?  Even worse, are you blacklisted? If yes, it is very important to repay your debts and to clear your name as soon as possible to avoid the nasty effects blacklisting could have on your future credit worthiness.  But how do you go about doing this?

How to Clear Your Name from Blacklisting

It is very important to note that once a person has been blacklisted, it is virtually impossible to obtain credit again until the blacklisting is removed.  It is also vital to know that even if all your debts have been paid in full, that your blacklisting remains in place until an application has been successful to have it removed – it does not just disappear by itself!

In order to clear your name of the bad credit list, you have to first get proof from your creditors that all your debts have been repaid in full, and then obtain an order from the magistrate of the court to revoke your blacklisting.  This, however, sounds a lot easier than it actually is.  In the first place you have to pay off all the debts – this in itself can be difficult.  Then you have to obtain the relevant documentation, which can also be a long and painful process.  This is then followed by getting a court date and representing yourself in court, which is not always easy for someone who does not have any legal or financial training.

How We Can Help

MaxLaw is a firm of professional debt management experts who can all help you to clear your name.  We specialise in various forms of debt management and administration, and we can help you to clear your name by doing the following:

  • Help negotiate with your creditors for better payment terms or lessen repayments amounts – this allows you to repay your debts quicker and that you may have less to pay!
  • We will collect all the relevant documentation from your creditors, e.g. full repayment statement letters and necessary affidavits and file these at court.
  • We will liaise with the courts to get you a court date, and we can even act as your representative in court to ensure that the magistrate gives the order to clear your name and remove you from blacklisting.

Want to know more?

If you need more information about how we can help you to manage your debt better or how to clear your credit record, give us a call.  We look forward to being of assistance to you!

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Clear Our Credit with MaxLaw

Use Our Services to Clear Your Credit Record!

With the financial landscape being littered with unpaid loans and credit agreements that are not being met, people in general are feeling very unsafe in terms of their own finances.  A lot are even further in debt than what they can afford, and paying off those loans and keeping up with all those credit agreements they signed back in a time when they were more affluent is really difficult right now.  People fall behind paying of their credit accounts, and before you know it, you are blacklisted.  At MaxLaw, we do realise how badly blacklisting can affect any future credit, and as a result, we aim to help you repay your loans as soon as possible and to clear your credit record.

A negative credit rating can happen even if you have not been blacklisted, and it is possible for credit worthiness to be severely compromised by just having a bad credit rating, or by being classified by the credit agencies as a “bad payer”.  This means that even though you manage to pay most payments, these are paid on an erratic basis, and not always on schedule, or the required amounts.  In the worst cases you will be blacklisted, and in these cases it is time for action – clear your credit!

To clear your credit, there are a few things than needs to happen.  Firstly, it is important to know that credit clearance is not that easy to achieve on your own.  It helps a lot to find a professional who knows how the credit landscape works and how credit agencies operate.  It also helps that credit administrators often have their own contacts in the agencies that prioritise the applications or provide information that would not usually be easy to come by for a private individual.

Another consideration is the application itself.  There is a lot of paperwork involved and in the end a court order has to be granted by a magistrate to remove your name from blacklisting or to clear your credit records. A professional debt worker will know which documents to apply to which processes, and will be able to put together a file with everything required, and submit it to court.  At MaxLaw, one of our highly qualified consultants will even be able to represent you at court in order to clear your credit record.

For the above reasons it is always advisable for you to use qualified debt administrators to clear your credit records, as opposed to attempting to do this by yourself.  If you are looking for such a person, contact MaxLaw for help today!

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Administration Orders by Maxlaw

Administration Orders:  The Answer to your Debt Problem?

Millions of people are unable to keep up with repayments of loans and other financial agreements any more.  Many have taken out loans or made credit agreements earlier in life when they could afford the repayments, and then things have changed, resulting in them not being able to afford the payments any more.

It is hard to anticipate what will happen in the future, and you could lose your job, you may lose a breadwinner, or you may have fallen ill and are now unable to work!   These things can happen to anybody, and it is quite possible that you find yourself in that situation at the moment.  Being in debt and having to deal with creditors is extremely stressful, and ducking calls and receiving demanding letters can bring anybody to the end of their tether.  If you are at this stage, it is time for you to do more research about administration orders and to find out whether this is not perhaps a good resolution of your current financial problems.

What are administration orders?

This is an excellent manner of dealing with debts of between R500 and R50,000.  If you have debts in this bracket that you cannot pay, you can apply for an administration order.  This means that a third party, such as Maxlaw, will take responsibility for your financial accounts and work out a plan to repay your debts, while still leaving you money for every day expenses.  They will also deal with creditors on your behalf, which means that you will no longer have to duck credit phone calls or get stressed about their letters of demand.  Your debt administrator will in effect take control of your salary cheque, and allocate various amounts to the outstanding debts, while still leaving you with enough money to cover your expenses on a day to day basis.

Your debt administrator will also be able to negotiate discounts on your repayments or total debt with your creditors.  It is also useful to have somebody to act as a buffer between you and the creditors, which means that you can just get on with your life until your debt is paid up in full.  If you have been blacklisted, you can also speak to your debt administrator at MaxLaw about getting you removed from any existing blacklists, which means that you will be able to return to the financial and economic world with a clean slate.

If you need to find out more about administration orders, contact our consultants at MaxLaw today and we will explain how we can help to ease your financial burden!

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Blacklist Removal Lynnwood

Use Maxlaw for Blacklist Removal Services in Lynnwood!

If you are having problems repaying debts or cannot meet your payment agreements, you may be at risk of being blacklisted.  If you have already been blacklisted, this will mean that you will no longer qualify for loans or other credit agreements.  In addition to this, it could affect your chances of gaining alternative employment, as employers are now using credit checks as a standard means of referencing applicants for new positions.

Some employers are more lenient than others, but most employers view a solid credit record as a reflection of someone’s reliability and trustworthiness, especially if it is for a position that requires the employee to have access to or work with money.  There is only one way to get your name off a blacklist, and if you live in Pretoria or Gauteng, you may want to use Maxlaw’s expert blacklist removal services in Lynnwood!

There is a common misperception that once a debt has been fully paid off, that the name will automatically be removed from a blacklist.  This is, however, not true and often people are astounded to find that a year after paying the debt in full, they are still blacklisted by the credit agencies.  In order to remove yourself from blacklisting, it is necessary to go through a set process to get blacklisting removal.  Often, people think it would be easy to do so, but it can be a long and laborious process, and if you do not understand how credit agencies work and what the exact steps are for removing yourself from a blacklist, it could be very frustrating.

We recommend that you use our blacklist removal services in Lynnwood.  Our offices are conveniently located for anybody that lives in the Pretoria area and we will be happy to help!  We have the necessary knowledge and experience to know exactly what to do in order to remove your name from blacklisting, while still making the process stress-free for you!  We will deal with your creditors on your behalf and obtain all of the necessary documentation and proof of payments.  Once this is done, we will start the process of lodging a request for a court date and we will then act as your representative, in order to get the magistrate to agree to your removal from the blacklist.

Our blacklist removal services in Lynnwood are used by a wide range of clients and we have many more clients from further afield on our books.  We are a reputable firm with great consultants who have gained much experience in the debt management business. We can take care of your blacklist removal, in addition to offering a host of other services that include administration orders, general debt management and obtaining credit checks for you from the relevant agencies.  Give us a call for peace of mind!

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