Credit Clearance

Need Credit Clearance?  Maxlaw can Help!

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to exist without attracting certain types of debt.  Most people use store cards or credit cards, and almost everyone who buys a house now, does it through a mortgage.  Not many people can afford to buy a car or finance their children’s university fees outright, and if you have a number of dependents that you have to care for, chances are that you have made use of various types of financial services to allow you do certain things, like owning a home or a car.

It also happens that people sometimes take out loans or make use of credit cards while they can afford it, but as circumstances can change very quickly, they may find themselves unable to meet payments at a later date.  Creditors start calling and sending threatening letters, and if payments are still not met, the creditor may hand your accounts over to agencies that will ensure that you are blacklisted.  Being blacklisted is not easy and has some dire consequences.  For instance, you will not be able to qualify for any type of loan or credit agreement while you are blacklisted.  But being blacklisted is not all that can happen!  Even if you are not blacklisted, you may still be listed as a “bad payer”.  This adversely affects your credit record, and you have to ensure that you achieve credit clearance, when your debts are paid off.

This is where MaxLaw comes in.  We have experts that specialise in various aspects of managing debt and credit clearance.  Credit clearance can be very difficult to do on your own, and can be very complicated.  It helps to have professionals on hand who deal with credit agencies and debt on a daily basis, and who will stop at nothing to help restore your financial standing.

MaxLaw and Credit Clearance

It is essential to note that even if your debt has been paid in full, you may still not have credit clearance, and there are many complicated steps that have to be followed, in order for full credit clearance to be achieved.  Our professionals assist you with this process.  We apply for a court order on your behalf, to clear your credit listing and eventually apply to have your payment judgement removed completely, in order for you to obtain full credit clearance.  There is a lot of documentation involved and as we know these processes so well, we can help collate all relevant documentation, such affidavits, financial statements and letters from creditors confirming that your debt has been paid.

We also help you to obtain identity documentation and proof of address.  We deal with the courts on your behalf and organise the court dates.  We also act as your legal representation and provide all of the relevant documentation to the courts.  After these proceedings, we will ensure that the Magistrate is in a position to give you credit clearance, and to remove any adverse credit listings against your name.

At MaxLaw we deal with your debt until it’s done!  Relax and give us a call today!

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Administration Orders

Want to Know More About Administration Orders?

Most people are unable to live nowadays without incurring various types of debt.  Property and vehicles are very expensive, and only the very rich and lucky few can afford to pay cash for these items, and buy them outright.  Other expenses also escalate all the time, and healthcare, education fees, and other necessities are becoming so expensive that it is getting increasingly difficult to meet all of the repayments on time, or at all.  Often, financial circumstances change due to job losses, the loss of a breadwinner or personal health issues, and in addition to this, the economic climate is just making things worse!  It is no wonder that so many people are falling into bad debt, which may result in a bad credit rating and even blacklisting.

There are, however, certain ways of dealing with outstanding debt in an effective manner!  Administration orders can be just what you may need.  If your debt amounts up to R50 000 and you find yourself in a position where you fail to meet the repayment terms according to the relevant payment plan, your best option may be to apply for an administration order.

Administration orders provide a temporary, but very welcome protection from creditors.  A third party, such as MaxLaw, will negotiate on your behalf with creditors and find a way to restructure the repayment plan according to terms that can be met by the debtor.  This then allows you to repay your debts and maintain a good credit standing, while still having enough money available for your day-to-day expenses.

Benefits of Administration Orders

A third party will take control of your money and you will be allocated your agreed upon allowance, which prevents mismanagement of your money, while, in addition, your debts are being paid off.  You do not have to have anything to do with your creditors any more, and threatening letters and phone calls will be handled by your appointed debt expert – this removes a lot of the stress of being harassed for repayments, and leaves you more relaxed and in control.  Of course, one of the biggest advantages of administration orders is that your creditors will not be able to remove any of your assets as repayment of your debts.  This means that your house, your car and any other assets you have, are safe while the administration order is in place.  Once your debts are paid off, you will be in a position to re-enter the financial environment again with your dignity intact!

Ask MaxLaw!

If you are investigating the possibility of applying for an administration order or need help with any other debt related matter, contact our professionals at MaxLaw today.  We will help you to take control of your financial future and do our best to ensure that your financial standing remains in good health!

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Blacklistings Removal

Easy and Reliable Blacklistings Removal with MaxLaw!

Just about everybody needs to take out some form of financial assistance at some stage of their lives, and it is very common to have a mortgage, bank loan, car financing, store accounts, cell phone contracts and many other accounts that they end up repaying over a period of time.  Many people fall behind on payments due to lifestyle changes, personal circumstances or job losses.  Creditors start harassing them to repay their debts, and they find themselves constantly ducking and diving threatening phone calls and demand letters.  Failure to pay could then result in blacklisting, which is not a good position to be in.  It can be very difficult to clear your name from blacklisting, and it is advised that you use a professional blacklistings removal company to help you regain your financial standing.

Struggling to Pay?  You are not Alone!

If you are one of the unfortunate people that have been blacklisted, you may be relieved to hear that you are not the only one!  Did you know that there are more than ten million South Africans currently struggling to meet payments and to repay credit cards, meet car financing payments, and even retail store cards?  And did you know that of that ten million, more than six million people are currently blacklisted?  Life is getting more expensive, interest rates are increasing, petrol costs are escalating and the economy is floundering – none of these things makes one hopeful about one’s financial future, especially if you have already been blacklisted!  However, it is important to acknowledge that these debts will not just go away, and it is not going to get better until you take control of your financial situation.

What is Blacklisting?

If you are blacklisted, it will mean that you have officially been classified as a bad credit risk by the national credit bureaux.  As a result, your negative listing will prevent you from qualifying for any further credit.  This is why you need to think about blacklistings removal as a matter of urgency – even after paying back all debt, your credit record will be adversely affected for between 2 and 10 years.  This means that you will not be able to qualify for any loans, store accounts or even open up a bank account!  The good news is that you have options – MaxLaw can help!

How We can Help at MaxLaw

We understand that being blacklisted can be a very daunting idea, and can cause a lot of stress.  We also know that the only way to deal with debts and blacklistings is to take the bull by the horns, and to be productive about re-organising payments and taking steps towards clearing your name off the blacklist.  We specialise in helping you to regain financial freedom, and we help to repair and restore your financial reputation with creditors.  We offer various services, ranging from blacklistings removal, to debt restructuring, administration orders, garnishee orders, negotiation with creditors, and we even legally represent you in court!  Set yourself free today, regain control over your finances and contact us – we are just waiting to help!

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Debt Clearance

Debt Clearance – How we can help!

Are you tired of ever escalating debt that just does not seem to go away?  Do you feel that there is just nothing you can do to pay off your debts?  Are creditors calling you all the time and sending threatening letters?  It is easy to become so stressed about your financial affairs that you reach a point of depression.  But we are here to help!  If debt clearance is what you need, we are the people for you.

A lot of people fall into debt at some stage of their lives, and often this happens through no fault of their own.  A sudden downturn in the economic climate, a personal tragedy or disability, and lay-offs from work are only some of the things that may cause people to fall behind on their payments.  As a result, they end up fielding constant calls and getting horrible letters from creditors, and at some stage their debt may even be handed over to collection agencies.  If it is impossible to make arrangements for repayment that would suit the indebted person, they often get blacklisted at credit agencies, and their financial reputations are ruined for a very long time.  It can be notoriously difficult to clear their name, even after all of their debts have been repaid.

If you need to clear your debts as a matter of urgency and want to get all the creditors off your back, while still maintaining a good financial reputation, you need to make use of our professional service.  At MaxLaw, we provide a wide range of financial services that include the following:

  • Debt clearance and restructuring of debt
  • Clearance of blacklisted parties at credit bureaux
  • Debt review, assessments, payment negotiation with creditors
  • Administration orders, garnishee orders and other financial judgments
  • Legal representation and liaison on your behalf with relevant parties

We have been assisting South Africans with debt problems since 2006, and we have a very wide range of debt assistance services that we have performed to over eleven thousand active credit consumers all over South Africa.  We are a legal entity that is able to provide assistance in a legal manner to our customers who are blacklisted, or have admin orders or garnishee orders, are under debt review and even to those who require legal representation in court!

We are able to help clear your debts, and we will not give up until we have restored and repaired your credit record to the best of our ability.  We are even able to negotiate lower debts, and in some cases, have been known to reduce repayments by more than 50%.  We also help to stop your creditors from sending you payment demands and harassing you by phone.

We are here to help you with debt clearance!  At MaxLaw, we do not only help you with your debt management, but we also help you to restore your credit scores and take back control of your finances.

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Clear Your Name

Bad Credit Rating – How Do You Clear Your Name?

Many people struggle with bad debt for many different reasons – quite often through no fault of their own, and bad debt may result in bad credit records or blacklisting.  It is often impossible to obtain credit again after you have been listed as a bad payer, and it is essential to clear your name from blacklisting or from bad credit lists in order to get credit again.

Credit clearance is however, a little more difficult than most people realise.  Even if you manage to repay all your debt, once you have had bad credit, your name will still be listed for a significant amount of time.  It can be quite complicated to get clearance and it is usually recommended that you get a professional company or person to help clear your name with credit agencies.

How Maxlaw Clears Your Name

If you have paid off all of your debt in full, it does not mean that you will obtain credit clearance. There are many different processes that need to take place before full clearance can be obtained.  At Maxlaw, we help you to get a court order that will effectively remove the payment judgement against you.  We gather all the necessary documentation, ranging from affidavits from providers of credits, who will state the full repayment of your debts, to helping to obtain other required legal documents, such as proof of address and identity documents.  We will set up the relevant court dates and provide all the document evidence to the court, after which, the magistrate will be in a position to clear your name and remove the negative credit listing.

Keep in mind that a bad credit listing and blacklisting are two different things.  Once you have been blacklisted, it could be very difficult to clear your name and professional help will most definitely be needed for this.

Maxlaw has an experienced legal team that are well-versed in dealing with all debt and credit related matters every day.  We understand how the processes work, we know what relevant documentation is required, and we have a full understanding of how the credit agencies work.  We negotiate with credit agencies and we significantly reduce the stress of court hearings, and the arrangements and collation of documentation on your behalf. We often help to overturn blacklisted orders and we can assist very effectively with all manner of debt management and administration orders.

We are here to help you clear your name!  At Maxlaw, we do not only help you with your debt management, we also help you take back control of your life!

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