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If you are having problems repaying debts or cannot meet your payment agreements, you may be at risk of being blacklisted.  If you have already been blacklisted, this will mean that you will no longer qualify for loans or other credit agreements.  In addition to this, it could affect your chances of gaining alternative employment, as employers are now using credit checks as a standard means of referencing applicants for new positions.

Some employers are more lenient than others, but most employers view a solid credit record as a reflection of someone’s reliability and trustworthiness, especially if it is for a position that requires the employee to have access to or work with money.  There is only one way to get your name off a blacklist, and if you live in Pretoria or Gauteng, you may want to use Maxlaw’s expert blacklist removal services in Lynnwood!

There is a common misperception that once a debt has been fully paid off, that the name will automatically be removed from a blacklist.  This is, however, not true and often people are astounded to find that a year after paying the debt in full, they are still blacklisted by the credit agencies.  In order to remove yourself from blacklisting, it is necessary to go through a set process to get blacklisting removal.  Often, people think it would be easy to do so, but it can be a long and laborious process, and if you do not understand how credit agencies work and what the exact steps are for removing yourself from a blacklist, it could be very frustrating.

We recommend that you use our blacklist removal services in Lynnwood.  Our offices are conveniently located for anybody that lives in the Pretoria area and we will be happy to help!  We have the necessary knowledge and experience to know exactly what to do in order to remove your name from blacklisting, while still making the process stress-free for you!  We will deal with your creditors on your behalf and obtain all of the necessary documentation and proof of payments.  Once this is done, we will start the process of lodging a request for a court date and we will then act as your representative, in order to get the magistrate to agree to your removal from the blacklist.

Our blacklist removal services in Lynnwood are used by a wide range of clients and we have many more clients from further afield on our books.  We are a reputable firm with great consultants who have gained much experience in the debt management business. We can take care of your blacklist removal, in addition to offering a host of other services that include administration orders, general debt management and obtaining credit checks for you from the relevant agencies.  Give us a call for peace of mind!

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Blacklist Removal

More about Blacklist Removal with Maxlaw!

Many people are affected by job losses, unemployment, the death of a breadwinner and disability leaving them unable to work, and where people were able to pay debts before, this is often not the case any longer.  Where certain people would easily have been able to pay off debts a few years ago, it may now be impossible to meet the financial requirements of these agreements.

The failure to meet repayment terms may often lead to repossessions and handing debts over to debt management agencies, both of which cause major discomfort and hassle.  If repayment terms cannot be met for a while, blacklisting may take place, which means that the blacklisted party will not be able to qualify for any type of loan, or obtain credit anywhere!  It is therefore essential to obtain blacklist removal!

It is a fact that millions of people in this country are currently blacklisted and their credit is affected as a result.  Financial providers and banks are very careful about lending money, and long and rigorous approval processes are applied to ensure that they only lend money to credit worthy people.  Even a slight black mark on their credit record will disqualify an applicant for credit, and getting hold of money can be very hard.  Most people do eventually pay off their debts, but what they do not know is that even when that debt is paid off in full, the blacklisting will remain until a blacklist removal is performed.

Blacklist removal is quite a complicated process and those in the know recommend that an expert is used.  Getting some help to legally and simply remove your name from a blacklist can make your life a lot easier, and you may then get approved for credit again, when your financial situation is better.  Even employers now check credit records during the recruitment process and it is therefore essential to ensure that if you have been blacklisted, that it is removed from your name as soon as possible.

The process of blacklist removal involves various steps, which include obtaining certain documents, such as a debt clearance letter or paid in full letter from the creditors, obtaining all required id documents and credit records, and eventually appearing in court before a magistrate.

Professionals, such as Maxlaw, can be of assistance with this process.  We are the experts when it comes to assisting our clients in obtaining blacklist removal, and we do so quickly and efficiently.  We also help with debt management, administration orders, and many other facets of financial management and law.  Call our consultants for more information about how we can help you!

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Administration Orders

Find out More about Administration Orders from the Experts

The worldwide decline in economic conditions has affected many people negatively and a lot of people are finding themselves in complicated financial circumstances.  As the economy continuously declines, business owners and organisations are now forced to cut costs and to tighten belts.

This inevitably means that less employees are employed and cheaper ways of working have to be found.  Unemployment increases due to lay-offs or vacancies not being filled, and those who have lost jobs can often not secure new employment, which means that they may default on financial agreements or loans, and they can be blacklisted.  Ironically, as employers check credit records, being blacklisted means that you may remain unemployed and as a result, you may not be able to pay back your debts.  It seems that unemployment leads to blacklisting, but blacklisting also leads to unemployment – it is a vicious spiral.

But before you give up hope and fall into a pit of blacklisting despair, give some thought to administration orders!  This may mean that there is indeed a way out and a way to ensure that you do not get blacklisted, so that you can pass credit checks for employers in future.

If you have debts that you cannot pay, you may be interested to learn more about administrations orders.   This is a way to deal with your mounting debt of up to fifty thousand rand, and applying for an administration order means that you can be protected from your creditors, while steps are being taken to ensure that your loans are being paid off.  A third party, such as a debt professional from Maxlaw, will take over your financial affairs and manage these, while you will still have enough money to live on.  Our professional consultants will negotiate with your creditors regarding repayment terms and allocate money from your salary to pay off these debts.  Getting an administration order also means that your possessions cannot be reclaimed or repossessed by creditors while you are under debt administration.  Once all of your debts have been paid back in full, you are then able to regain access to the financial arena with your dignity intact!

There are certain drawbacks to taking out administration orders – the fees to pay upfront can often be quite high and if you have very little income, even the initial fee may be impossible to pay.  The administration consultant will also charge for their services and unscrupulous agents may charge more than the repayment of the full debt.  It is therefore vital that you only deal with reputable professionals, such as Maxlaw, to manage your administration orders.  Not only do we ensure that you get a trustworthy and effective debt management service, we are also cost-effective!

To find out more about administration orders and how they work, contact one of our debt consultants at Maxlaw today!

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ITC Clearance

Contact Maxlaw, the ITC Clearance Experts!

In the financial landscape of every person, the maintenance of a credit worthy status is very important.  Being considered credit worthy by financial institutions, banks or credit agencies means that it is possible to borrow money, and people are often forced to borrow money to purchase homes or cars.

It also means that other credit facilities can be extended to the credit worthy person, which can sometimes be counterproductive, as it may result in the person getting deeper into debt and eventually fail to adequately maintain payments, after which their credit worthiness is affected negatively.  Once a person has been blacklisted or has a negative credit rating, it is important to make arrangements to pay off the outstanding debt and to gain ITC clearance again as soon as possible, in order to enter the financial landscape again.

Often people default on credit arrangements or agreements that they made at one stage in their lives when it was easy to accommodate these payments.  Often, a change in circumstance, such as the loss of a breadwinner, being retrenched, or becoming ill or disabled, vastly reduces the capacity to earn an income, and loans or other credit arrangements may fall behind.  By the time the person realises that they are unable to pay the loan or debt off in full, it is too late and they may already be blacklisted.

It is also easy to be blacklisted by mistake!  Often administrative errors are made by creditors or the credit agencies, and you may become blacklisted through no fault of your own.  Credit agencies recommend that you do a thorough credit check on yourself once per year, as you are entitled to a free annual credit check by one of the listed credit agencies.  It is important that you check all entries and verify the details thereof, as mistaken blacklisting can affect your financial status adversely. If you have been blacklisted, it means that you will have to obtain ITC clearance, which is often a lot more difficult than it may seem.

While trying to obtain ITC clearance, it is recommended that you use a professional company or consultant to help you with the process.  It is important to know how the credit agencies work and how to go about obtaining ITC clearance from them.  Often, a lot of documentation is involved, which can be extremely cumbersome and frustrating to get hold of.  Instead, a professional consultant from Maxlaw can handle all of this effortlessly for you!  Choose us to obtain fast, accurate ITC clearance for you, and we will restore your credit worthiness in a jiffy!

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Credit Clearance

Need Credit Clearance?  Maxlaw can Help!

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to exist without attracting certain types of debt.  Most people use store cards or credit cards, and almost everyone who buys a house now, does it through a mortgage.  Not many people can afford to buy a car or finance their children’s university fees outright, and if you have a number of dependents that you have to care for, chances are that you have made use of various types of financial services to allow you do certain things, like owning a home or a car.

It also happens that people sometimes take out loans or make use of credit cards while they can afford it, but as circumstances can change very quickly, they may find themselves unable to meet payments at a later date.  Creditors start calling and sending threatening letters, and if payments are still not met, the creditor may hand your accounts over to agencies that will ensure that you are blacklisted.  Being blacklisted is not easy and has some dire consequences.  For instance, you will not be able to qualify for any type of loan or credit agreement while you are blacklisted.  But being blacklisted is not all that can happen!  Even if you are not blacklisted, you may still be listed as a “bad payer”.  This adversely affects your credit record, and you have to ensure that you achieve credit clearance, when your debts are paid off.

This is where MaxLaw comes in.  We have experts that specialise in various aspects of managing debt and credit clearance.  Credit clearance can be very difficult to do on your own, and can be very complicated.  It helps to have professionals on hand who deal with credit agencies and debt on a daily basis, and who will stop at nothing to help restore your financial standing.

MaxLaw and Credit Clearance

It is essential to note that even if your debt has been paid in full, you may still not have credit clearance, and there are many complicated steps that have to be followed, in order for full credit clearance to be achieved.  Our professionals assist you with this process.  We apply for a court order on your behalf, to clear your credit listing and eventually apply to have your payment judgement removed completely, in order for you to obtain full credit clearance.  There is a lot of documentation involved and as we know these processes so well, we can help collate all relevant documentation, such affidavits, financial statements and letters from creditors confirming that your debt has been paid.

We also help you to obtain identity documentation and proof of address.  We deal with the courts on your behalf and organise the court dates.  We also act as your legal representation and provide all of the relevant documentation to the courts.  After these proceedings, we will ensure that the Magistrate is in a position to give you credit clearance, and to remove any adverse credit listings against your name.

At MaxLaw we deal with your debt until it’s done!  Relax and give us a call today!

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