Clear Your Name

Bad Credit Rating – How Do You Clear Your Name?

Many people struggle with bad debt for many different reasons – quite often through no fault of their own, and bad debt may result in bad credit records or blacklisting.  It is often impossible to obtain credit again after you have been listed as a bad payer, and it is essential to clear your name from blacklisting or from bad credit lists in order to get credit again.

Credit clearance is however, a little more difficult than most people realise.  Even if you manage to repay all your debt, once you have had bad credit, your name will still be listed for a significant amount of time.  It can be quite complicated to get clearance and it is usually recommended that you get a professional company or person to help clear your name with credit agencies.

How Maxlaw Clears Your Name

If you have paid off all of your debt in full, it does not mean that you will obtain credit clearance. There are many different processes that need to take place before full clearance can be obtained.  At Maxlaw, we help you to get a court order that will effectively remove the payment judgement against you.  We gather all the necessary documentation, ranging from affidavits from providers of credits, who will state the full repayment of your debts, to helping to obtain other required legal documents, such as proof of address and identity documents.  We will set up the relevant court dates and provide all the document evidence to the court, after which, the magistrate will be in a position to clear your name and remove the negative credit listing.

Keep in mind that a bad credit listing and blacklisting are two different things.  Once you have been blacklisted, it could be very difficult to clear your name and professional help will most definitely be needed for this.

Maxlaw has an experienced legal team that are well-versed in dealing with all debt and credit related matters every day.  We understand how the processes work, we know what relevant documentation is required, and we have a full understanding of how the credit agencies work.  We negotiate with credit agencies and we significantly reduce the stress of court hearings, and the arrangements and collation of documentation on your behalf. We often help to overturn blacklisted orders and we can assist very effectively with all manner of debt management and administration orders.

We are here to help you clear your name!  At Maxlaw, we do not only help you with your debt management, we also help you take back control of your life!

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Administration Order Services

How to Obtain an Administration Order?

Many people find themselves in very difficult financial situations nowadays, as the declining economy has resulted in a lot of job losses through retrenchments.  Employers have to tighten belts and cut budgets, and often recruitment of new staff or replacement of staff leaving, has either been significantly reduced or stopped completely in order to save money.  This means that unemployment levels are rising and those who were retrenched often cannot find new employment.  For many people who were earning reasonably decent wages that allowed them to take out loans and make credit agreements that they could afford, it has now become impossible to keep up payments or stick to credit agreements without sufficient money coming in after loss of employment.  This usually results in them falling behind on payments, and they may end up getting bad credit or being blacklisted.

There are several ways of dealing with mounting debts that you cannot pay and some professionals recommend administration orders as a solution.  If your outstanding amounts of debt add up to R50 000 or more, and you cannot pay this according to the agreements or payment plans made, you will be able to apply for an administration order (management of administration order services are often provided by professionals to assist).  An administration order will usually protect the indebted party from creditors and help to ensure that viable terms of repayment are negotiated, which will allow the indebted party to eventually repay all the outstanding monies, while still having enough money for everyday living expenses.

Benefits of getting an administration order

  • While you pay off your debt, you will be allocated enough money to live on during the repayment period
  • A debt administrator that provides your administration order and related services will be managing your repayments.  This means that you will have professional help at hand and you do not have to deal directly with creditors, as the debt consultant will do this on your behalf.
  • Your possessions and other assets may not be claimed or repossessed by your creditors while you are under debt administration
  • When you have repaid all your debts, your credit record will be cleared and you will be able to enter the financial environment again.

Drawbacks of getting an administration order

  • Often the fees you have to pay up front are fairly high – the usual fee is around R1 000 – R2 000.  If you have very little income, it could be difficult to raise enough money to pay this fee.
  • Your consultant also has to charge for their services and sometimes unscrupulous debt agents may charge more than the debt is worth.  Ensure that you know exactly how much the service is going to cost in the long run and what exactly the fees are!
  • A debt administration order is usually retained on your credit record for ten years and may affect your ability to obtain credit in future.

If you want to know more about administration order or related services, or want to obtain an administration order, you will have to consult the professionals.  At Maxlaw, we deal with these issues in a fair, professional and reasonable manner, and our transparent processes will ensure that you know exactly what you are getting when you apply for debt administration.

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ITC Services from Maxlaw

Contact Maxlaw for effective ITC Services!

It is not uncommon for people to default on loans or credit agreements that they could quite easily afford at an earlier stage.  Economic hardship affects everybody across the financial landscape and often, credit arrangements made earlier become impossible to stick to once the person’s financial situation deteriorates, due to lay-offs, budget cuts or unemployment.  Defaulting on a loan or credit arrangement, may have a very detrimental effect on the financial future of the person, as they are likely to be listed as bad payers by various credit agencies, such as ITC in South Africa.

Once you have been listed as a bad payer, or even worse, been blacklisted by these agencies, it becomes virtually impossible to get credit again at a later stage.  Even when you have already repaid the outstanding amounts or made arrangements to repay according to a schedule that you strictly adhere to, it is quite common for you to remain on the bad credit listing of agencies for some time.  You then need to find a way to obtain ITC clearance.  Not many people know how to go about doing this, and it is often recommended that professionals are called in to get your name cleared.

You have to keep in mind that there are options to help you manage your debt more effectively, such as debt administration or administration orders.  Employing these methods will often help to keep you off bad credit listings by credit agencies, as they are not allowed to blacklist you while you are under debt review or administration.  Should this occur, you will have to ask the relevant ITC consultant, who is handling your finances, to deal with it.

It is pointless trying to do this yourself and the only way to get full ITC clearance, is to repay the entire outstanding amount and have the judgement removed officially by a judge.  This can be very difficult to do, and a great deal of time and money may be spent on phone calls, documentation, trips to court and credit suppliers, as well as time wasted on pointless efforts.  As an individual, it is often difficult to know how to go about this and employing a professional that deals with ITC services, is the best solution. You have to get the help of a professional who understands the workings of the ITC and relevant services.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your financial burden, are defaulting on credit agreements, or if you are in danger of being blacklisted, consult the ITC professionals at Maxlaw and inquire about their services.  We ensure that you maintain clear credit records, instead of being blacklisted, and that you eventually enter the financial landscape with good standing again.

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Blacklist (Services)

Excellent and Effective Blacklist Clearance with Maxlaw!

The current economy is leaving a lot of people who are unable to pay their debts in its wake.  Where many people previously qualified for loans or credit arrangements that they could afford, the high rate of retrenchments, lay-offs and resulting unemployment has caused thousands of people to be unable to meet their payment agreements or pay off loans in a timely fashion.  As a result, these people get blacklisted and become unable to obtain even the smallest amount of credit, and even after making arrangements and later paying the loan back in full, they remain blacklisted.  In order to clear their names off these lists, they need to employ professional blacklist clearance services that can help them to legally and properly remove their names from blacklists which prevent them from getting approved for credit in the future.

Millions of South Africans are currently blacklisted and as a result, credit is adversely affected.  Financial providers are becoming very picky about whom they will approve for loans and even retail outlets are now very conscious of extending credit or opening accounts for individuals.  Even employers, now commonly perform credit checks as part of a regular recruitment process, and often applicants for positions are declined due to a bad credit record.

Blacklisted candidates are seen as untrustworthy and ill-disciplined, and employers tend to shy away from these types of characteristics.  This could prove to be an extremely unfair disadvantage to those who remain blacklisted after loans have been paid off or credit agreements been adhered to, as it means that they descend even further into financial poverty, because they cannot obtain gainful employment!  It is therefore necessary to get a company that provides blacklist removal services to help remove their names from blacklists.

It is estimated that millions of people in South Africa are blacklisted and this affects credit very negatively.  Often, it means that the blacklisted person can no longer borrow from a financial services provider or retailer who performs credit checks.  People also generally assume that once the debt is paid off, the blacklisting automatically falls away!  This is actually not the case – in actual fact, once the loan or debt is paid off, certain steps have to be taken to remove the blacklisting.  The best advice is to find a company that provides services to help lift the blacklisting.

Companies such as Maxlaw can help here.  We specialise in helping our clients with their financial situations and removing their names from the blacklist, where required. Other appropriate blacklist services are also provided wherever our clients require them.  We also deal with debt review, orders for administration, and we have a full client list containing around 11 000 satisfied clients.  We provide excellent services to remove clients from a blacklist and are able to advise you on all aspects of debt management.  Give our consultants a call!

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Maxlaw – About Us

What Can Maxlaw Offer You?

If you find yourself battling insomnia night after night, overcome with the fear of losing your home, your car or scared to death that you will not be able to provide for your family, then you could be suffering from the very same condition that 6 million other South Africans are currently suffering from – an extremely common and contagious condition called over-indebtedness.

Over-indebtedness is a serious condition facing millions of South African consumers today. We live in a consumer driven society piloted by a volatile economy, where we are tempted everyday with careless lending, spending and budgeting – it is no secret that many South African consumers are finding themselves in a downward spiral into debt. Many consumers have no choice but to use their credit cards or personal loan accounts just to keep their families afloat, of course this is just sinking them deeper into debt. If you find yourself in this very position, we at Maxlaw are here to tell you that it is not the end of the world, because we can help you!

We are one of only a handful of professional companies that legally assist those listed with judgements, admin orders, garnishee orders, defaults and those under debt review. We set our clients free from the restrictions placed on their lives due to these negative listings. To learn more about us, take a look at some of our services below:

About Our B-Legal Services

Once blacklisted, it is extremely difficult to clear your name, even paying back the debt right away will not clear your name – it can stay on your credit report for up to 10 years. It is no surprise that being blacklisted can feel like the end of the world for many. The good news is that if there is one thing that we at Maxlaw are specialists in, it is fighting for your financial freedom. Our B-Legal Services help repair, restore and improve credit reports, and we can help you repair yours. There is only one way to have a blacklisting removed and that is to simply pay the debt back. Only once the debt has been paid in full, will we apply to the court on your behalf to rescind any judgments, notices and defaults against your name. We will warrant that the credit bureaus process your blacklist removals and this will allow you to qualify for credit once again.

About Our Credit Legal Services

When your monthly salary is not enough to cover your monthly expenses and debts, this is when you need the Credit Legal Services from Maxlaw. Our Credit Legal Services provide clients with a lifeline, enabling over-indebted consumers to bounce back from their bad debt through our debt review assessment, negotiation and debt restructuring program. Once you register for our program, you will be under the protection of the National Credit Act where you will be protected against the repossession of your assets, garnishee orders and any further legal action from your creditors.  We will assess your current financial status, restructure your budget and your debt, and then negotiate with all your creditors on your behalf.

About Our Credit Legal Membership

Everyone experiences legal problems once in their life. In the event that you find yourself in need of an attorney, we at Maxlaw can supply you with professional, affordable legal representation. Our Credit Legal membership includes the following services:

  • Assistance and advice regarding wills, contracts and more
  • Consultations with a highly proficient legal counsellor
  • Credit related legal advice and services
  • Drafting of basic court documents and advice regarding court procedures
  • Negotiations and correspondence with third parties on your behalf
  • Workplace related advice

Maxlaw has been helping clients since 2006 and we currently have more than 11 000 clients on our books! When you choose to work with Maxlaw, you are choosing to work with one of the most qualified, skilled and professional legal entities in South Africa. We are proud to boast that our legal team has extensive experience in this field. Reclaim your financial freedom and contact us today for immediate assistance.

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