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General Legal Services

All individuals will experience legal problems during the course of their lives. Legal problems do not pick their victims. Membership with MaxLaw™ Legal Eagle Program gives you legal power to enforce and defend your rights through professional legal representation in an affordable way.

This membership provides you with expert legal advice from qualified attorneys for you and your family. Legal Eagle has many affiliated attorneys at your service. We will give you the correct legal advice so you can enforce and defend your rights through strong and professional representation.

The membership includes but is not limited to:

Legal Aid that Includes:

  • Face to face consultations with a Legal Counselor.
  • Legal and related advice.
  • Negotiations and correspondence with third parties on your behalf.
  • Assistance and advice regarding most legal documents, e.g. wills and contracts.
  • Drafting of basic court documents and advice regarding court procedures.
  • Workplace related advice
  • Credit related advice and services

It is sometimes necessary for Legal Eagle to refer a Legal Eagle Member to an attorney. This usually occurs when the member has a legal problem that must be heard in court. These are often cases where a member has been charged with committing an offence (a criminal matter) and/or civil disputes (litigation). Legal Eagle may not, by law, handle these legal problems in-house.


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